Act it out

You’re a caring loving parent. You buy your child all the coolest clothes and sign your kids up for dance class, soccer, tutoring, etc…  Your child is your life and you’ll do absolutely anything for them.  The unglamorous parts of parenting are taking them to the doctor, taching them right from wrong, and showing them how to navigate the perils of the world.

By far, the most important task as a parent is keeping your child safe. Safe from traffic. Safe from fire.  Safe from bodily harm. Safe from Stranger Danger. Telling your kids that there are bad people in the world, and teaching how to identify these people and avoid them. Stranger Danger is more real than you can imagine.  Every day over 2000 kids are reported missing.  Some simply ran away because they didnt like that you took away their xbox, others were taken by family members in a custody dispute.  But the harsh reality is many are abducted in a perverse and disturbing manner by total strangers.

Telling your kids what to do in certain dangerous situations is a good start, but it’s  simply not enough!  You really need to act out these situations with them. More than Once. While you taught your child to scream “stop! your not my parent” and run away… will they really do it when it matters most? If you act out these scenarios, and make the child actually scream on the top of his/her lungs, i assure you it will stay with them much longer.

People dont pay attention when a child simply screams. But they will notice, and act when a child screams “HELP ME, THIS IS A STRANGER!!!”  Make your child comfortable with doing this im public. Let them know it is ok to do this if a situation arises.

Shout it out. but more importantly, ACT IT OUT. It may make the difference when it matters most.

For some great safety tips to discuss with your kids, visit my website:



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